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Cargo Logistics Group has decades of experience importing cargo for a broad range of clients via air, ocean, and ground. Our logistics team is familiar with documentation, security, and compliance requirements so that your import will arrive and pass through Customs as seamlessly as possible. Our expansive global network of over 100 countries and 300 cities guarantees that your cargo will be in expert hands during every stage of the import process. Our innovative technology is designed to provide you with up to date, advanced reporting throughout the import process, so you will always know where your cargo is and where it is headed next.

Air Freight

Air freight is an effective shipping solution when time is of the essence. Cargo Logistics Group has an experienced logistics team that works with every air freight import customer to ensure proper routing, document preparation, customs clearance, and compliance. Our shipping solutions are designed to get your air freight to its destination as quickly as possible.

Air Freight Services

Our air freight import services include:

• Air charters
• NFO (Next Flight Out)
• General Air Freight
• Expedited Air Freight
• Hand carry
• Customs clearance

Ocean Freight

Ocean freight is one of the most effective ways to import cargo. Cargo Logistics Group is licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) as an NVOCC and an OTI.

Ocean Freight Services

Our ocean freight import services include:
• Breakbulk


Ground freight services are a practical solution for businesses that need fast, flexible, affordable, and customized freight import. Cargo Logistics Group is Dangerous Goods certified for the ground transportation of hazardous goods.

Ground Freight Services

Our import ground freight services include:

• Expedited
• Economy
• Refrigerated vehicles
• Dangerous goods
• Flatbed trucks
• Over-sized loads

Cargo Logistics Group has decades of experience providing flexible and successful shipping solutions to commercial partners all over the globe. From our air freight services to our ocean freight services, we have the capabilities and skilled team members you need to get your goods to their destination. Cargo Logistics Group is an NVOCC with IATA certification, a DOT licensed truck broker, a fully-compliant IAC, and Dangerous Goods certified. To see how we can streamline your business with effective import and export services, contact us today.